A pronoun is a group of words whose function replace a noun.

1. Personal pronoun

    a. Subject: I, You, We, They, He, She, It
    b. Object: Me, You, Us, Them, Her, Him, It
    c. Possessive
        1. Possessive adjective: My, your, our, their, her, his, its + NOUN
        2. Possessive pronoun: Mine, yours, ours, theirs, hers.

2. Demonstrative pronoun

    a. Nearby: this (singular/ uncountable noun), these(plural noun)
        eg: this book, these books
    b. Far: that (singular/ uncountable noun), those(plural noun)
        eg: that man, those people

3. Indefinite pronoun

    Someone, anyone, everyone, no one, somebody, anybody, everybody, nobody, something, anything, everything, nothing.
note: indefinite pronoun is always singular

4. Reflexive pronoun

    Myself, yourself, ourselves, themselves, herself, himself, itself

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