Conjunction is a group of words which correlate word, phrase, and sentence.

1. Compound conjunction (FANBOYS)

    a. For: He did not come for it rained
    b. And: She and her mother are beautiful
    c. Nor: Jack nor Jhon came here
    d. But: She is beautiful but careless
    e. Or: Is Reva or Alya in Gorontalo?
    f.  Yet: I want to go home yet they don't
    g. So: It rained hard so he did not come

2. Correlative conjunction

    a. Both...... and........
        eg: Both my friend and my brother give me affection
    c. Not only....... But also
        Not only Sahril but also Sahrul is my nephew
    d. Neither......nor........
        Neither Noval nor his parents have been here

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